Q1-13 Large Cap Trial

IR Feedback – Benchmark & Dialogue: Trial offer to Swedish Large Cap Companies.

Is the Feedback you currently recieve on your Investor and Quarterly presentations good enough to be really useful?  Is it possible to take a change decision solely based on the result ?

You might receive feedback occasionally from your roadshow partners and maybe you have your own survey tool.
But how usefulare results?
Do you really have the time available to put in the required effort on design ,implementation and interpretation?

After having done a large number of Analyst and Investor studies we have come to the conclusion that usefulness is maximized with the following attributes:
-Real anonymity for respondents as default, but with the option to answer signed, and also to ask for dialogue if the respondent so choose.
-Benchmarking that compare your result with other similar events. This enables you to read out respondent real views on a way more detailed level. Without it, only massive thumbs up or down can be reliably spotted.
-Questions and scale alternatives carefully adopted for the situation. Respondent guiding to ensure that questions are understood in the same way. A mix of scaled assessments and open ended questions is usually preffered.

IR Finans give you all this at a competitive price when we become your research partner.

Is there any reson not to test this for your next event?

Just email us for for a sample report.

Lars Östlund
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